Thursday, August 2, 2018

Back to School

Yep, that's right! I've wanted to go back to school for the past few years, and this year is finally the year!

I applied to UNM (University of New Mexico) early this spring. I graduated from college 14 years ago so I had to take the Accuplacer. I ordered a study guide and studied 6 to 10 hours a day focusing mostly on the Algebra and College Math sections. On test day I was the oldest one in the room (no surprise there, ha!), but as soon as my test scores popped up on the computer I cried. I did it. I had retaught myself Algebra in 10 days. You can do anything if you want it bad enough!

Some of the classes I took for my first degree transferred as equivalent courses to UNM so my semesters are on the lighter side, which I like since I hope to start working part-time next semester and through the end of undergrad.

This semester I have the following 5 classes:

Small Group Communication - I think it's fair to say that this won't be my favorite. I'm not a fan of giving speeches (is anyone?!) but I needed two communications classes. This will be my second class, and I'm only taking it now to get it over with.

Introductory Microeconomics - I took an economics class years ago, but it was for both Macro and Micro which didn't transfer as an equivalent course so I have to retake one or the other. I feel pretty meh about this one.

Composition - I like English but this is another "just to cross off the list" class for me.

College Algebra - This is the class that I had to place into this semester to be able to take Calculus and Chemistry next semester. In studying for the Accuplacer I discovered I really like math so I'm actually excited about this one.

Reasoning and Critical Thinking (Philosophy) - I've heard really good things about this class, and I bought this book brand new because I'm expecting to really enjoy it. I love Philosophy and I had a choice between a reading or essay-based Philosophy class. I chose the latter because it sounded more interesting.

Student orientation is done, books are bought, parking permit has been ordered, and backpack is on it's way. Now I'm just waiting for classes to start!

I'm currently enrolled in UNM's Pre-Pharmacy program so the next 3 years I'll be working on the prerequisites required for Pharmacy School. I'm planning to do a dual degree program so I will graduate with both a Pharm.D. and an M.B.A. I call it my 7 year plan, and at 34 years old I'm so grateful that I get to do this!

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis

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