Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Lucky Find

I don't collect a lot of things. Ever since becoming more of a minimalist I tend to stick to the few things I really LOVE, and I use those things on repeat year around. I have a small collection of mercury glass votives, and I use them everywhere for a bit of ambiance and sparkle. I also have a good-sized collection of candles because I love for my home to smell good. A couple years ago I bought several faux plants and succulents and I use those all over our home to bring in a bit of life.

Aside from those things though my biggest collection by far is books. We love books. We have two 6' tall bookcases that are nearly completely full of books - so much so that we don't have room on them for anything else.

Over the years we have bought used or vintage books here and there, but just recently we have started to actually look for old books. It's such a treasure hunt! I have a running list of the types of books I'm looking for, but I always end up finding something special.

I was looking for a vintage prescription book since I'm in school for Pharmacy, and I was delighted to find this one. The dust jacket was nothing special, but underneath was a pretty forest green cover. Win-win that forest green is back in!

I bought this particular book because it's just so lovely. The dust jacket was a bright yellow, but underneath was something special printed in 1928.

This one is a Psychology book translated from a French author, and I bought it because I love the subject, the cover, and the title.

My luckiest find? THIS ONE. Printed in 1968 and filled with color photos of how to decorate and how to make various projects for your home. It's a gem.

Want a peek? Of course you do!

The main point that I've taken from this book is that decorating your home is all about flair. And as it turns out that's exactly what my home has been missing.

NEED MORE FLAIR! I've made this my new motto.

Who doesn't want their floors and walls to work together as a team?

Are rainbow stripes coming back yet?

I won't lie. I love this outdoor space. This is how my patio would look if I was a single girl. Does anyone else have an imaginary Single Girl home in their mind? Ha!

And then we get to the projects at the end of the book. There's the classic projects we expect from the fabulous 60's like how to hang wallpaper and how to make beaded curtains. Then we come to this.

What is it?

Why it's a creepy girl made of mothball-vapored boxes to protect your sweaters. We all need this!

Sadly, I lack the time to make myself this magnificent beast.

Ahhh. Old books. We've come full circle.

If you don't have the good fortune of owning your own copy of this book you're missing out; and if that's the case, here's the little known secret to flair.

Flair is one of those overworked and often misused words whose true meaning is sometimes hard to define. In the literal sense it is derived from the Latin word for smell or scent. The dictionary defines it as a discriminating sense, a keen perception, an instinctive discernment, and so it can be summed up as a combination of talent, taste, and unerring instinct. 

Flair in decorating is the brilliant, the individual and often unexpected touch that lifts a room out of the regions of conformity and gives it a flashing, unique look all its own. Flair, in fact, is the stamp of the individualist.

So now you can have flair too. You're welcome.

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